21st Century and Beyond
 An Epic and Wonderous Novel
by Singley

Sacred Words of Beloved Sarah Young

"When you feel that nobody believes in you, know that I believe in you. Mostly you must believe in yourself. No one can do that for you. Without belief in yourself, in the Great Spirit and in the sacred earth we call home, who are you?"

"Coincidence is for those who let things happen to them. Destiny is for those who make things happen for themselves..."

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A wonderous story of: "Breathtaking adventure, discovery and promise."

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Darwin Interrupted (D.I.)

Sarah, the most successful woman of her time, is compelled by a love a century away. Jim is comforted by a loving image of Sarah he can’t reach or explain. Jim’s reality is grounded on the science of Darwin. Each has an inherent understanding that if they focus on their faith in each other, they can discover the Evolution of Love. Magically, it is through science, not Time Travel, they find a way in Harmony. 


I'm not an author and had no intention of writing a novel, yet a magnificent story found me and “spilled out” while doing some research. My editor said that it may have been a “Muse,” which I found “amusing.” I can’t explain where Darwin Interrupted (D.I.) came from, but I know the world is craving for this story and the message it conveys.

If you are looking for an author who follows a particular genre or popular theme, I’m not that author. There are no vampires, wizards or tricks in this story. If you want to discover what can emerge in writing done without traditional literary constraints, you will find an exceptional story that spans many genres and evolves into a compelling message that mankind believes in. As a bonus, a sequel is evolving.

“Jim Bridger and Sarah Young live a century apart, yet they are magically compelled by a love for each other. Their evolutionary faith in themselves and others gives birth to a story of breathtaking adventure and promise. Each reaches an understanding that if they develop true principles, integrity and persistence, the seemingly impossible will dissolve into a simple lack of understanding of the divine nature of life and earth’s evolution. As Sarah and Jim discover, the evolution of life has a simple explanation: Faith in the gifts of this earth and mankind.”

D.I. begins with a prologue where Sarah Young, the most successful woman of our time, is tragically shot while giving a speech to 1 million followers in Washington, D.C.  While tragic, there is magically a possibility to save Sarah's life because of the evolutionary principles they have learned in a place called Harmony Island.

The first chapter illustrates an event 11 years earlier when a wonderful woman of hope, Sarah Young, was tragically shot and a magnificent possibility of saving her life. The following chapters are the wondrous “character building” events that make the impossible, possible. There are no divine interventions or preaching, only an understanding of the earth and man’s divine evolution. The story comes “full circle” to this point and eventually goes beyond the devastation of the earth, bringing hope to the survivors. If you haven't found Harmony, you will have missed the discovery of a lifetime!

Many of the “miracles” of D.I. are based upon scientific documented facts, compelling even an evolutionist to reevaluate their conclusions. But science is only part of the beauty of the story.

What you can expect from this easy-to-read and enjoyable story is the unexpected. Yes, D.I. is about evolution: the evolution of love, character, friendship, integrity, faithfulness, evil and science, as well as life itself. The story unveils an answer the “The Missing Link” between man and animal, and exposes a corruption in modern medicine related to Natural Selection. This thought provoking novel presents itself in the lives of its lovable and fun characters and is almost all set in the great outdoors.

Since D.I. was written without the constraints of a particular genre, it melds into several. The story is a compelling mixture of: unattainable love (attained); romance, action & adventure; faith & inspiration; time (without time-travel); science & technology; light paranormal and, corresponding episodes of darkness and evil. There are miracles without divine intervention; expressions of faith without preaching. Strangely enough, D.I. will appeal to those of faith and evolutionists.

As edited, D.I. is an epic novel combined into 2 volumes, yet is an easy to read and fully/professionally edited novel. I would describe it as a “simple story,” but my editor said: ‘Simple’ is not an adjective I would use to describe D.I.” Three professional editors, including an English Instructor at Idaho State University and a historical novelist (2 historical chapters) have edited the story.

The appeal to readers includes (unintended): Romance, Action/Thriller, Mystery, Historical, Fantasy, Faith-based, Inspirational, Science and Technology.

Scientific Notes

Dr. Joseph Burgo, a noted Psychologist responded to an inquiry about a main premise in Darwin Interrupted, a Corruption of Modern Medicine.  Dr. Burgo wrote:

Hi Brent,
“That's a very interesting presence and one that seems totally viable on
the level of genetics and natural selection. It's actually a
conversation my son and I have from time to time, about how modern
medicine is now allowing the "weakest" members of our species,
genetically speaking, to survive and procreate, which over the long run
has a bad effect on the gene pool. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate
since you've obviously had similar ideas…”

D.I. Readers:  Make no mistake, the science, theories and values are real, mixed into a fun, inspirational and exciting fictional story full of truths.

D.I. started out as a joke I made up years ago that had some scientific validity.  I decided to do some research to see if it was factual and put some things into fiction to develop my thoughts.  That is when the wondrous story of Darwin Interrupted poured out of me.  It seemed I couldn’t type fast enough.  You will have fun reading D.I.  and it will also give you something to think about.  Will the ideas save the world.  Not today but it may just save our posterity…Brent Singley

My next project is to complete my scientific research entitled: Darwin Interrupted, a Corruption of Modern Medicine.  I don’t think that a scientific publication will be as popular or as fun as a novel… :-)


Have fun!  Brent Singley, Author 

Contact: darwinfiction@aol.com

Compelling Items

A year ago, to illustrate the principle in D.I. of a Corruption in Modern Medicine, I had my cousin alter a photo of a young couple admiring their new baby.  The baby's face was replaced by a monkey's face.  This is an extreme example of what generations to come may "face."

Now a "real life" shocking illustration has come to the surface (lawsuit below) and linked to Cosmetic Surgery.  Make now mistake, generations to come will face such consequeces.  This is a genetic corruption because Modern Medicine is "Interrupting" natural selection.  Note how genetic disease and abnormalities have increased in incidence with effective medical treatments not addressing a genetic solution.  Expect all genetic diseases treated effectively, to increase in incidence.  Diabetes, heart disease, mental illnesses and even myopia have increased significantly because of Darwin Interrupted, not allowing for Natural Selection.  

D.I. might be a fictional novel but the principles and values are true and occuring every day.  It is our heratige that will suffer the most.

I wrote Darwin Interrupted 3 years ago, yet is documented below happened only a few months ago.  This is one of the compelling things you will discover as you read....


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